Sunday, April 2, 2017

Scrapbook Files: January 2017

I feel like recently, every layout is my new favorite.  When I was working on this one, it was my favorite.  Then once I started working on it, February turned into my favorite. I'm sure once the photos arrive in the mail and I start working on it, March will be my top layout. But before I can show you February (or March), I have to share January!

Here it is in full! I have been sticking true to my goal for a double page spread (or more) per month, never a half page. It's a good test in using the pockets spaces more creatively -- I'm slowly but surely getting used to the idea that my spreads don't have to be so photo-heavy. This month has no real theme per se; the right is almost all pictures from when friends visited me, and the left has the rest of the significant photos I took that month.  

My only gripe with this layout is the grid above.  It definitely looked better in my head than it turned out on paper.  I almost added thin pink paper lines between the photos and crossed in the middle, but I took them away at the last second. 

The majority of the items used are from the January Messy Box.  The colors were so inspiring! I was excited when I realized that the chipboard letters I picked out from Studio Calico matched perfectly with the color scheme.  

I've recently begun following more scrapbooking blogs/Instagrams for inspiration (and it's definitely reflected in my February layouts, which I will be sharing soon). What are your favorites? I'd love to check them out!